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 A FIVE STAR PLUS by Betty and Cheryl - 03/07/2013

We called one afternoon, they said they would be up to look at tree the next day, but that night they called and were in our area. They came and looked at tree and said we can be here tomorrow to cut it down. I was shocked, any other service it was always weeks to months before they could get the job done. They were very professional, kept a good line of commication with us, did not waste any time. We were highly satisfied and would recommend them.


 Very Professional with great Service and Exceptional clean-up. by Tom - 01/22/2013

I had two very large trees, the trunks of which were less than five feet from my house and their upper foliage was hanging way up and over my roof. Not an easy job. Petmecky removed both at a competitive price, on a timely basis and the clean up was out of this world. My entire roof, lawn and surrounding area were spotless. And the large stumps were cut down to inches from ground level. I've lived here thirty years and never has any business been so on top of things as the crew from Petmecky. I can't compliment them enough and would highly recommend them for your next project.


 Totally Outstanding. by Rusty - 11/26/2012

I have seen the Petmecky truck in my SE Urbana part of town and decided to call . This was the VERY best call I ever made. I had a 51+ year old Honey Locust that I inherited when I bought this home 7 years ago that was planted too close to the house with huge low hanging branches over my roof. They removed the entire tree, absolutely NO damage to my home and cleaned my neighbors yard on top of that. I have never ever employed a company that cares as much as they do about being careful, works hard to make the customer completely happy and cleaned up my yard immaculately. I was impressed. Never have I been more happy and relieved. It was a huge tree and I am amazed. Thank you JR and Tracey. What a perfect job.


 Professional, responsive and great job! by Lisa - 09/29/2012

Needed two tall backyard trees pruned that were out of range of a bucket truck. One had sizable limbs overhanging power lines and a new privacy fence. Petmecky did great work, including a fabulous cleanup job. Also, they were professional, friendly and communicated clearly what they would do and when they would be arriving. I hadn't used them before and really had no idea about them. But I was very pleased and would highly recommend them.


 1/2 a tree on our roof - excellent service by Kathleen - 08/13/2012

I highly recommend Petmecky's Tree Service. They responded immediately to my phone call right after a storm left 1/2 a tree on our roof last Thursday evening. They arrived at the house within 40 minutes to give a very reasonable estimate and I was able to talk with our insurance company with the estimate in hand. Originally we had planned for removal of the tree from the roof about midweek, but Petmecky's called Saturday and said they could fit us in that afternoon. This was a great relief because I was worried about that amount of weight on the roof if we had to wait until midweek. They explained each step of what they would be doing and did a great job cleaning up all the debris from the roof, gutters and yard.I am so pleased to have found such a professional business and will use them again for any tree service needs.


 Tree Trimming and Removal by Jean - 07/23/2012

Petmecky's responded to my call immediately to provide and estimate for removal of tree limbs and a large stalk of a river birch being used by raccoons to access the roof. They returned a day later, Saturday, and worked tirelessly, all day, in the heat!! They returned promptly on Monday to complete the project. They blew off the roof, raked away all twigs and mulched the entire load before leaving. They are very careful to avoid damage of property. The cost was reasonable and well worth it. The most valuable part was their expertise and rapid response. They are extremely professional and cordial. Other neighbors have used them as well. I HIGHLY recommend them.


 Petmecky Tree Services by Kya Gream - 07/13/2012

These guys were great! I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs work done. We had a tree fall on our house and on our patio, destroying nearly everything. Petmecky came out, offered a great price, removed everything and cleaned up after themselves. They were extremely professional and overall just good people who I would welcome back to my home. This was a disaster for us, and they REALLY helped us get through it.






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